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HIFU Treatments: Does HIFU Work on a Double Chin?

You’re going through photos, getting ready to upload them to social media. You come across a selfie and grimace. Your skin has started sagging, giving you the appearance of multiple chins. 


Pictures are important in your life, so it’s time to get rid of that double chin. However, you really don’t want to have surgery, and you don’t have time for the recovery anyway.  


Fortunately, there are non-invasive, affordable options available. Let’s look at how HIFU treatments can safely get rid of your double chin. 


What Are HIFU Treatments? 

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) has grown in popularity because it provides a non-invasive method of skin tightening. With this technology, ultrasound waves heat up skin tissue to between 65C and 70C. This creates damage to the cells, which stimulates collagen production. 


The heat also destroys fat cells, which your body naturally gets rid of in the coming weeks. The result is smoother skin with more elasticity. 


HIFU treatment cost runs significantly lower than surgical face lifts and liposuction. While a surgical procedure such as liposuction can cost more than $3,000, HIFU treatments are considerably less per treatment. This makes HIFU a much more affordable option for you. 


HIFU body treatment also is less risky than surgical procedures. You don’t have to worry about side effects from anaesthesia or caring for sutures. The side effects of HIFU are minor and temporary. 


trained professional with HIFU machine


Does HIFU Work on a Double Chin? 

If you’re looking to reduce a double chin, HIFU treatments are a great choice. Weight gain and aging are common causes for the formation of a double chin.  


HIFU facial treatment targets fat and stimulates collagen production. Therefore, both common causes for a double chin will be addressed. Any excess fat will be reduced, while the procedure contours the jaw line and neck.  


HIFU treatment before and after photos demonstrate how people respond to the treatment. Your results will depend on several factors, including how prominent your double chin is.  

Some people see immediate results after the procedure. Most clients will see results 2-3 months following HIFU treatments.  


Because it is not a surgical procedure, there is no preparation required for HIFU treatments. There is no recovery time required, so you can resume normal activity immediately following a treatment.  


While HIFU is generally considered painless, some people report slight discomfort. Some clients do experience temporary redness and swelling, but this usually goes away in a few hours. Overall, any pain or side effects are minimal and not serious. 


Book Your Appointment Today 

HIFU technology is a safe and affordable way to get rid of that double chin. Book an appointment today and be happy with the way you look in photos again. 


If you’re wondering, “where can I find HIFU treatment near me,” contact us and we’ll be happy to find a convenient location for you. We also offer training on HIFU treatments for clinics interested in introducing them. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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