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How to Make Your Jawline Sharper Without Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are popular among Australians with over 200,000 procedures performed in 2018 alone. These range from minimally invasive to reconstructive surgery and focus on an aesthetic problem area. 


Jawline surgeries are performed for a variety of reasons, but many people get them to create a sharper jawline. However, not only is this surgery invasive, but it also comes with a lengthy recovery time and added risks. 


If you want to make your jawline sharper without surgery, there are several ways that you can achieve this. 


Dive into this mini guide to see how you can get a chiselled jawline without the downsides of surgery. 



Exercising Regularly 

If you want to know how to improve your jawline, you might be surprised to know that exercising regularly can help. 


Exercise helps you lose weight, and that includes weight from your face. Once you start shedding a few kilos, the natural dimensions of your jaw will become more pronounced.

Staying Hydrated 

Drinking enough water every day is vital for your health and helps remove impurities from your body. Water may help aid in weight loss that can help tone your face. 


Additionally, staying hydrated is an effective way to maintain an overall youthful and supple appearance for your facial skin.  


Practising Jawline Exercises 

Jaw exercises can also help give you a sharp jawline. There are a variety of exercises that involve moving your mouth and stretching your facial muscles. You can try some of these jaw moves: 


  • Look up and kiss the sky
  • Make fish faces 
  • Practice saying vowels expressively
  • Open and close your mouth throughout the day 

This works in the same way as clenching and releasing any other muscle to give it tone and definition. You can do 10-15 of these exercises daily and it’s best to practice these in front of a mirror.

Investing in Non-Surgical Jawline Enhancement

HIFU treatment is one of the best non-surgical ways to get a sharper jawline. It is also known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and uses innovative new technology.


It helps to increase the flow of collagen and tighten skin that has lost its elasticity. It targets areas with excess fat, particularly the jawline which can be hidden under a double chin. This treatment works by using an ultrasound tool to eliminate fat cells from your face. 


HIFU comes with countless benefits. Not only is it much more cost-effective than surgery, but it also requires zero downtime. You can receive HIFU treatments and return to your daily routine. 


This revolutionary treatment can give you a chiselled jawline in addition to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. 


These client photos can show you how effective this treatment is. At Australia HIFU, we also offer training services to help you get the best results. 


Make Your Jawline Sharper with These Tips and Tricks 

If you want a chiselled jawline, you don’t have to commit to pricey surgery with a long recovery. Making your jawline sharper is possible using these effective tips. Try exercising regularly, staying hydrated, practising jaw exercises, and investing in HIFU treatments. 


Be sure to visit our website to book a treatment or order your HIFU machine today! 

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