Mask It


This product is 100% pure & is excellent for Toning and Firming the skin

4 STEPS to use:

MASK IT can be used every week and can be used to spot treat pimples as well.

  1. Apply to clean skin and pick the area you would like to MASK IT
  2. Place a teaspoon or more depending on how big an area you want to Mask IT. Place the clay into a dish and add purified water or use your TONE IT product. Make sure you add enough water to the clay. Make into a paste-like consistency. Please add enough water so the product is spreadable.
  3. Apply with a brush using upwards painting motions on the area.
  4. Once the dark green clay has turned back to light green you can then remove it with warm water. Then use your TONE IT product and apply your moisturiser.


Australia HIFU Luxurious Ingredients:

Illite, Kaolin, Argilla pure green clay

Usage:  Approx 7ml for every application. Apply to skin after showering or when required. Feel uplifted, toned and firm.

Caution: Keep eyes and mouth closed when applying to avoid delicate body parts.

MASK IT  face & body 100ml


M: + 61 408 200 059
Manufactured in Australia from local and imported ingredients

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Australia HIFU
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