Collagen Gummies


Australia Hifu Gummies use fish collagen, also known as marine collagen, which is essentially the superhero of collagens.
So what exactly makes fish collagen, a Type I Collagen, so amazing and beneficial for your skin?
To put it simply, it beats other collagens in both bioavailability and absorption thanks to it having the smallest particle size and lowest molecular weight out of all other types of collagen. This being extremely beneficial to the health of your skin. The glycine- and proline-rich collagen found in fish will improve the skin’s appearance.

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Australian Hifu Collagen Gummies are exclusively made for our company only and can only be purchased here on line or in one of our HIFU Clinics.


Healthier you


Boosting your immune system


Wrinkle reduction


Supports collagen production


The Science: Collagen And Skin Hydration

A double-blind clinical study of collagen peptides also known as (marine collagen), showed that after twelve weeks of supplementation, the group taking the active product had a 28% increase in skin hydration and a 24% increase in skin density. Fish collagen has decreased the amount of wrinkles and has improved the skin’s firmness. Type 1 collagen makes up 70% of our skin and replenishing it is important for maintaining a healthier looking body.

Taking 2 of our Collagen Gummies daily is all you need to do!


Improves skin elasticity

Elasticity is what makes youthful skin snap back when you press it. The sobering reality, is that we stop making elastin at a young age as it starts to break down at the age of 21. As we get older we are losing more and more of our own collagen. Taking collagen gummies containing collages each day will help restimulate production, decrease the prominence of wrinkle’s and cellulite, to enhancing your skins hydration and firmness.



Maintains skin firmness

Firmness is also one of the most important aspects of beautiful, healthy-looking skin. When your skin is firm, it is taut and springy, bouncing back into place even after you stretch and pull at it. However, with age, firmness is also the first and fastest skin dimension to decline. Collagen gummies help to keep your skin firm for longer.

Simply twist and chew for a younger you!

The fish collagen we have sourced is exclusively developed for maximum strength so we can ensure you the best collagen for your skin.


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